Our History

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Building Healthier
Communities since 1978

Since our creation, Texas Medical Screening has been an industry leader, offering a range of self-service automated health monitoring computers and systems for sale, lease, and servicing. Our reliable and user-friendly health kiosks provide accessible vital health information to customers, enabling offices, pharmacies, and wellness programs to counsel and advise individuals on managing their health effectively. With the option for stations and plans that generate reports, businesses can track employee health trends seamlessly.

Our Founder’s Vision

At Texas Medical Screening, we’ve pioneered accessible health monitoring solutions since day one. Our founder Brad Bowen, was driven by a simple yet powerful vision: to empower individuals and businesses with easy-to-use, insightful tools for managing health effectively.

Our self-service automated health monitoring computers and systems set industry standards. From offices to pharmacies, our user-friendly health kiosks provide vital information, enabling proactive health management.

Brad Bowen, CEO: Leading the company with vision and expertise

Connect With Us

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